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We took part in this event last month for the Refrag : Plan + Algorave day and it was a really cool reunion <3

Refrag #4 Cradle-to-Grave is a symposium exploring new connections between art, culture and technology. By parsons paris > design + technology.
Using the life-cycle assessment as the structure for the fourth edition of the refrag festival, we are creating a space for debates and exchanges for students, visitors and artists / hacktivists / makers engaging with various aspects of this linear system, and in doing so, give a comprehensive overview of research and artisitic practices addressing the impact of information and commnunication technologies.
The contributions span from addressing environmental, social and political issues related to planned and perceived obsolescence, techno-colonialism, techno-propaganda, consumerism, and more… coming from a variety of practitioners.

more > www.refrag.paris
video > by Sanie Irsay

α¶r 18†# - 2018