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For the first time in human history, our seismograms were able to measure the noise of human activity by its absence.

During these few months I often thought of the day after the eruption of the Vesuvius, this idea of ​​an image world where everything is fixed in place. I wondered if Pompeii's lovers still loved each other, and I think they do, buried into each other's arms, I don't think that kind of love expires. During this period, I spent a lot of time on google maps, explored places I never imagined going, rediscovered houses linked to my childhood, and even had romantic dates where we'd wander google's streets simultaneously. I noticed during this time that there were many more similarities than I imagined between the physical world and the internet. That there are virtual geographic spaces that people meet in, and others that are abandoned remnants of the internet from the 90s. I discovered online concerts, people streaming, and people watching people streaming. And it was fun.

Touché's video clip tells the story of these intertwined spaces, to these artists who streamed live music from their bedrooms, to these infinite worlds that we explore in video games, to these virtual spaces that we inhabited when the streets of our cities couldn't. It was produced by taking 12,000 screenshots of Google Earth in the cities of Montreuil, Berlin and Bamako in order to model by photogrammetry a universe denuded of humans, an ambiguous place, close to what it was during these two first month of confinment.

This music video was made for Hyperactive Leslie, "Touché" is one of the tracks of the album Joué released at Airfono Label on 18.06.2021

credits to Incogito and Dylan Cote for being big inspirations on this with their project Earthsatz and big thanks for helping me out in my first photogrammetries <3