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Oceano Mare

⨌⪎⧉𝕠 16 Jan 2020 > Oceano Mare
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Every process of creation is and always will be interrupted by finality. It is embedded in our code, we die, we fear death, and thus create in the time that is given to us. Human nature is fascinating in this sense [something something beethoven]
But what becomes of our creations if you take away the finality ? An infinite stream

The first thing I asked myself when designing artistic artificial intelligences is :
How does a

Oceano Mare is a never ending song played by a dying machine.

Presented as an audiovisual installation, the work is best suited to be setup in the midst of social spaces or chill-out areas where it can discretly and gradually create a soothing ambiance for the public within it.

The installation is inhabited by an artificial intelligence playing the piano continuously.
Having been trained on midi scores of impressionist pianist such as Ravel, Fauré, Debussy, Boulanger && Satie it now composes live and improvises dreamy melodies using the 9th, the 11th, and the 13th alongside poetic dissonances, trial and error. creates an intimate bond with spectators because every melody is unique, created and destroyed on the spot.

But such a system cannot uphold itself as it does not have enough computational power to maintain equilibrium. This lack of power in turn causes a system overheat and further visual glitches who accumulate to become an ocean of affective artifacts, submerging the public in the heart of the dying machine.

puts in paralell the chaotic nature of failing systems alongside machine poetry.

16 Jan 2020 x Oceano Mare @ La Commanderie