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From broken technology to affective artifacts, Impression Numérique
is an extension to the impressionist art movement of the 19th century.
The works in this series aim to challenge our perspective on glitches &&
all that is considered as faults in today’s new media standards.

The development of an impressionist glitch art form is a reaction to the constant development of “newer” and “better” technologies.

We often think of digital art as being cold and rarely affective, but we never give it the opportunity to express itself for what it is. We spend our time contributing to commercially pushed HD standards, hiding flaws, rejecting low quality, and upscaling our media using tools that are inherent to these systems.

Using random popular culture movies as a source, I disrupt compression algorithms and corrupt their video files to create stills where the pixels are set free. While colors and motion take liberated paths, the spectator is left with the image of what happens when binary data becomes a malleable entity with its own means of expression.

Here, the focus was set on the fleeting visuals produced by broken files desperately trying to be displayed correctly in VLC. The resulting images were then reinterpreted and rescaled through deep learning, thus creating imaginary details.

Being ultimately dependent on system flaws, these artworks do not only exist in the glitch momentum, but are also active participants in [ today's fight against hard cut technologies] && net existentialist's theory - that digital art cannot live on without digital error.