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while we worry about compression algorithms decimating the quality of our profile pictures, the data collection business has reached a peak to the point of becoming a threat to the planet’s climate as well as being a direct violation of human rights and ethics.

as citizens of the internet, we often struggle to find a balance between consciously participating in harmful economies or fighting them upright.
but ironically, the constant flow of information && techno-capitalism products are a never ending resource/inspiration to glitches.

being a glitch artist, I assess the inherent politics of any kind of medium by bringing it into states of hypertrophy. because only when a system is obviously unstable, may we all understand that is it not immuable. thus should we ask ourselves, do we have control over technology if we are breaking it ?

the cloud factory tells the story of an imaginary recycling facility
in charge of processing broken files. both the artist and the machine
take a playful approach by making glitch art, but it soon gets out of hand when the data stream becomes too much to handle, ultimately, resulting in a system-wide crash [spoilers].