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Digital arts exhibition curation & organisation.

Why does my screen go blue when things go wrong ?

Blue has invaded our digital lives with a strong symbolism and its expressive nuances. As citizens of the internet today, we all know the difference between a problematic blue and a blue designed to make up the safe space of a social network.
x80 is the max() quantity of hexadecimal blue >> from loose cables, the color of wikipedia links, to the iconic blue screen of death (BSOD), blue represents a default setting, a fallback option when all other blues fail.
Blue \x80 strives to start over, pushing to the fore the relationship we have with machines without proprietary interface, thus leaving room for a free association between physical and digital bodies.

Performance artists, Installations, Workshops & Conference leads, VJs & Musicians

Tom Tom - Dérive - Sabato Visconti Hugo Le Fur - Dylan Cote - Pierre Lfnc - Paul Vivien - Leon Denise - Clara Rigaud - NEO NINJ - CHøV - SuperToy Magic - KasbaH - Blobs & Fluff - Holographic_thought_process - Marie Molins - RDKL, Inc. - Dasha Ilina - Suture - Nour Sokhon - Cyanide Dansen - Madcatz

Exhibited Artists

Curators > Zoe Stawska & Kaspar Ravel
Organizers > Dina Karadžić, Vedran Gligo, Cliff Pottberg, Guillaume Cartis
Partners > Glitch Artists Collective, OYÉ, Random Pixel Order, Format C, Cookie Collective
Online Team > Kevin Chambers (Instagram), Brittany Nickels (Tumblr), Aaron Jablonski (Snapchat)
Venues > Villette Makerz, Bar Gallia
Cooking & Service > Alice Chabanon (lead), Maya Hamra, Michelle Carrasco, Marie Valentin, Robin Le Priol, Lola, Lili Barletta, Victoria Pouthavy
Bar > Ellie Asuka, Mélissa Bynt, Alexia Blob-Fluff, Claire de Prekel & Antoine de Prekel
Transports > Guillaume Leroy, Agathe Moison
Tech Team > Elliott Bastide (sound), Dylan Cote (video)
Printing > Random Pixel Order (zine), Emiliano Bossi (stickers)
Photographers > Sara K-Olejnik, Alice Briez, Zatie&Zoop, Aaron, Dina