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Une intelligence artificielle qui compose et joue de la musique live mais qui en en demandant trop d'elle-même, surchauffe et bug tout le temps. L'œuvre se présente sous la forme d’installation vidéo projetée sur écran, la partie audio jouée en live par l’IA est le fruit de l'entraînement d’un réseau neuronal sur l’ensemble des œuvres piano solo de Ravel tandis que la partie visuelle est la manifestation de glitch et bug visuels engendré par ce processus.


Créteil l’Echat, 8h du matin. Deux métros se croisent, un message sur répondeur, on entend klaxonner, et un chantier dont on se demande s’il sera encore là demain. On a tendance à s’oublier ici, pas exprès non plus, ça se fait à toute vitesse. Mais tu sais, il suffit de s'arrêter un instant pour voir tout ce qui s’anime autour de nous. Et puis il y a tout ce qui ne se voit pas, ces signaux radio, téléphone, 4G, des milliers de wagons messagers nous traversent en douceur à des kilomètre heures.


Blue has invaded our digital lives with a strong symbolism and its expressive nuances. As citizens of the internet today, we all know the difference between a problematic blue and a blue designed to make up the safe space of a social network.
x80 is the max() quantity of hexadecimal blue >> from loose cables, the color of wikipedia links, to the iconic blue screen of death (BSOD), blue represents a default setting, a fallback option when all other blues fail.


When one is birthed amongst machines, you can hear its echo years later. Etant données is a century of imaginary illnesses. A play blending acrobatics and digital arts. A fleeting encounter to the offshore. In search of the noise that gave birth to us.


The Cloud Factory tells the story of an imaginary recycling facility in charge of processing broken files. both the artist and the machine take a playful approach by making glitch art, but it soon gets out of hand when the data stream becomes too much to handle, ultimately, resulting in a system-wide crash.


Super Lune is an application that combines the waves of love to those of the stars. If the love is real, the connection will glitch. To satisfy the obstinate requests of her boyfriend, Iris downloads the app. She connects to John Love, and starts playing the game. Where will this choice take them ?


From compression artifacts to glitch art, Impression Numeriques are a visual arts research looking to create digital paintings inspired from the impressionist movements of the 19th century using encoding and decoding glitches of different video formats.


Glitch art is deliberate manipulation of data, and data is ever evolving. As our lives continuously get transcribed into bits, our relationship with data keeps changing; binding closer. the ability to control the usage of data, of information, is in the interest of anyone who has pieces of themselves stored somewhere.


rejecting instruction is a remix of Eames Office’s “A Computer Glossary”, an educational short film that was shown for the first time in 1968 at the IBM Corporation’s Hemisfair pavilion.
The film is characteristic of the 70s approach to computer science: using oversimplified metaphors and dated american clichés. We feel this source material is overdue for parody and reexamination.