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New Media Artist

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a/v performance
> etant donnees

Quand un homme naît au milieu de machines,
on en entend l’écho des années plus tard.
Etant données, c'est un siècle de maladies imaginaires.
Un spectacle mêlant arts du cirque et arts numériques.
Une rencontre qui s'évade en mer,
à la recherche du bruit qui nous anime..

Étant Données is a theater play written during Collisions.
A residency program pairing digital and physical artists for a month between multiple venues and the Établi fablab.

Ca commence par un bruit.
Personne ne sait quand il a commencé.
Y’en a même qui disent qu’il a toujours été là,
qu’on le méprend souvent avec des acouphènes,
comme s’il venait annoncer que demain t’entendras plus.

J’ai rencontré un type sûr de lui un jour,
il m’a dit : c’est ton disque dur qu’est grillé,
et qu’il aurait fallu défragmenter plus tôt.
je crois qu’il rigolait, mais ça m’est resté.


C’est un cri un peu sourd,
à se demander s’il faut appeler à l’aide, mais sans jamais le faire.
En fait c’est presque une prière,
celle qui t’empêche de dormir la nuit tant elle désarme les silences,
celle qui a le regard qui fuit, comme si elle n’avait jamais été là,
ou celle qui part au lever du jour pour ne pas te réveiller.


Mais il suffit d’y faire attention et déjà elle revient,
Ca y est tu l’entends toi aussi ?
Elle vient te bercer dès que tu tends la main.
C’est le soupir qu’on a poussé après t’avoir donné vie.


Un jour on l’a entendu à la radio.
On s’est regardé on y croyait pas.
J’ai poussé le volume à fond,
et on a dû rester planté là pendant des heures à l’écouter comme si c'était le dernier canal de
communication du monde.
et puis on l’a perdu, juste comme ça.

\ booking \ oyelabel@gmail.com

a/v performance [ 45 minutes ]
> the cloud factory

it starts in a room with no windows but filled with blue sky.

- “hello world, newborns, recently deceased aka soon-to-be cool skeletons, average hitchhiking aliens, people who just realized they were actually lizards this whole time, and the rest of you.. welcome to planet earth. today is a great day to be alive, dead, or whatever state of decay that find yourself in at the present time, because today we scorch the skies.”

suddenly, a disturbance, the premises of an uncertain balance breaks the flow. compression artifacts rise and fall in a progressively distinct picture making it obvious that everything is breaking to pieces. as the fabric tears itself down visually, the artist enacts the role of an irrational narrator; questions / poems / facts / news & quotes overlap each other in a monologue designed to subtly raise awareness on odd fronts that are rarely disclosed.

digital clouds composed of abused macroblocks settle one after the other. the media is brought to a state of hypertrophy that the machine cannot handle. unintended combinations of movement cause unnatural colors and shapes to ignite, which, are particular to that medium, thus assessing the inherent politics of the lather.

artist statement =

when I look at a cloudless sky it feels like something’s gone wrong,
it feels like the system is rebooting while I stand in the only noiseless channel. each time this happens I take a video and add it to my cloud factory folder on usb key.

while performing I recreate this state by looping these videos but subtly playing with their hexadecimal data, invoking glitches here and there.
as I slowly deconstruct the sky and create a storm, I take an opportunity to talk about my nonlinear researches concerning the internet.

these open thoughts are often entwined with A.I poetry and quotes by artists && writers whose words I wish I had studied in school, such as Lewis Carroll, Alessandro Baricco, Nick Briz, Rosa Menkman ./


  • 08.12.2018 / Inasound Festival → Palais Brongniart in Paris, France
  • 28.10.2018 / Le Bal du Loup → Le Cirque Electrique in Paris, France
  • 10.10.2018 / / fu:bar/_2018 → Siva Galerija in Zagreb, Croatia
  • 01.06.2018 / Hop&Source → Bar Gallia in Paris, France
  • 28.03.2018 / ReFrag.Cradle-to-Grave → in Paris, France
  • 16.02.2018 / Screenshot | Fanzine Party → nogozon in Paris, France
  • 13.12.2017 / Wintercap Cap Digital → le Hasard Ludique in Paris, France
  • 10.12.2017 / apérOYÉ → Madame Louis in Paris, France
  • 11.10.2017 / / fu:bar/_2017 → Siva Galerija in Zagreb, Croatia

\ booking \ oyelabel@gmail.com

short film [ 5 minutes ]
> rejecting instruction

We experience life and evolve through digital spaces that hold less and less meaning to us every day. As we are acting everyday more like them, our quest to understand the machines who encrypt our data has become closer to an identity crisis.

rejecting instruction is a remix of Eames Office’s “A Computer Glossary”, an educational short film that was shown for the first time in 1968 at the IBM Corporation’s Hemisfair pavilion.
The film is characteristic of the 70s approach to computer science: using oversimplified metaphors and dated american clichés. We feel this source material is overdue for parody and reexamination.
As glitch artists, we scoff at well structured algorithmics, disguised information & behaviorism induction, we would like to remind the world that computer science is not exact, but that it is a playground of malfunctions and emotions that even cold steel hearted machines can hold and share with human beings.

This project was led by the EG community,
Exquisite Glitch is a self managed social media based community, it is open to anyone around the world who enjoys glitch art aesthetic and exquisite cadavers (from the french cadavres exquis).
Every few months, a member steps up with an idea, then coordinating and curating a new round from the source to the final montage.
The productions of each round wildly vary in content, medium, and diffusion; from digital image collages, video game texture packs to full-length movies, the works of the community are often published online, but have also on occasion been printed or projected in museums, galleries, hacklabs and independent art spaces around Europe.

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