A/V Live Performances

I enjoy going to the theater a lot more that the movies at the cinema. Mostly because nothing ever goes wrong at the movies, and, as long as I'm not on stage I really like it when things go wrong. It's that actors are people after all, and so by their flawed human nature, do things a little differently every time. In turn, this creates a beautiful bond during any live experience between artists and their public, as the story is being rewritten everytime and you're never 100% sure of how it's going to go.

Shades of Blue (2021)

A/V Performance with Fabrizio Rat

Shades of Blue is an a/v live written in collaboration with pianist Fabrizio Rat. In this live, Fabrizio leaves the techno and rigorous rhythms of his first albums behind, in order to experiment with repetition and phase cycles from a new melodic angle” (Friction Magazine) with a so-called ​“prepared” piano that produces altered sounds.

Together we jam on stage like musicians would with each other, but whilst Fabrizio plays the piano, I, exclusively play visuals on a wide screen behind the both us. The theme of Fabrizio's eponym album being the ocean, we both play with repetitions and romantic fleeting structures, both visually and musically.

For this project I coded a custom kinetic instrument where I use my body movements as the main input. The color and movement of my hands are encoded into the Navier Stokes fluid dynamics equations which describe the motion of fluid substances. The math is then visually added to an on-screen simulation that I can then tweak through midi signals sent by the rythmic instruments.

To hear me and Fabrizio talk more about our collaboration you can check this video interview we did for Multiplica 2021.


Shades of Blue is also the name of Fabrizio Rat's album released on the 14th of february 2020 on the AIRFONO label. For booking enquiries, you can contact our production Cavalcade Music.

Étant Données (2018)


In 2018 I wrote a short play that I got the opportunity to adapt on stage alongside chinese pole artist Matthias Tempette. The play tells the story of two orphan brothers born in a extremely digital world in search of the machine that gave birth to them. As they embark on their journey, they decide to follow by boat the trace of the internet cable which lays at the bottom of the ocean. The story is marked by its surreal view of the dystopian genre and its absurd situations that come from making impossible analogies between physical and digital situations.


When one is birthed amongst machines,
you can hear the echo years later.
Etant données is a century of imaginary illnesses.
A play blending acrobatics and digital arts.
A fleeting encounter to the offshore.
In search of the noise that gave us birth.


Realized during the residency program COLLISIONS organized by Fab Lab L'Établi in Soustons (France). An encounter between digital arts, performing arts and fine arts, where these disciplines collide to produce hybrid and original works.

COLLISIONS presented the end of residency works on the 14, 15, and 16th of september 2018 at Espace Culturel Roger Hanin in Soustons.

Cloud Factory (2017)

A/V Performance

The Cloud Factory is the first performance I ever worked on. It started off inbetween a conference and me burning computer CPUs on stage. I then changed a few things and toned-down the computer-harming part for obvious material reasons. About a year later it then became something enterily different where I would exclusively burn computers on stage without explaining anything, and a while after that I stopped doing it altogether because I couldn't find any meaning in all this.

The performance tells the story of an imaginary recycling facility in charge of processing broken files. Both the artist and the machine take a playful approach by making art out of the glitches, but it soon gets out of hand when the data stream becomes too much to handle, ultimately, resulting in a system-wide crash.


It starts in a windowless room filled with blue sky.
A temporary space where files come to die.
Suddenly, a disturbance ¿¿¿¿¿¿̳̳̳̳¿̵̵̵̵̛̛̛̛̛̛¿͉͉͉͉͉͉͉͉͉͉˸˸̵̵̵̵̵̵̵̵̵̵˸˸˸̜̜̜̜̜̜̜̜̜̜̜̜¿¿̢̢̢̢̢¿ʴʴʴʴʴͯͯͯͯͯͯͯͯͯͯʴ̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸▓͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝▒╜←∙∕∕∕∕
Is it a glitch ? the factory quickly processes it.
Each mishap is reshaped into a cloud of broken data.
But how much information can the system uphold ?
Compression artifacts rise and fall as the storm builds up.


The performance was first created and played for the /fu:bar/ 2017 glitch art festival in Zagreb @ AKC Medika, organized by Format C. The project then toured with the OYÉ Circus for the two following years in new media art and electronic music in France and Spain.