Forgotten Yoghurt

differential line growth

Forgotten Yoghurt is a visual concept based on Differential Line Growth, an algorithm from the digital morphogenesis family. As I've been studying it for a few years now, if you want to know more about the underlying mathematics and code behind it you can check out this blog post about it.

In a nutshell, the algorithm describes a single growing line, sampled in points that each attract and repulse each other. It's a common growth behavior that can be found in natural organisms such as corals, salads and even brains. The odd thing in my interpretation is that I like to induce overgrowth by letting the segments divide themselves more than they should in some areas. This in turn creates intricate patterns where the line overlaps itself multiple times giving high density in some areas of the growth and low density in others, which somewhat ressembles the way that bacterias spread on leftover food.

I'd like to say that I'm the kind of person that never forgets a yoghurt in the fridge or a cup of tea on my desk. But unfortunately 5 times out of 7 when I come home from a gig, I'm greeted with a colony of bacteria who have declared my leftovers to be their new kingdom. Like any responsible person, I usually flush them down the loo to avoid their dominion over my entire flat. This time though, I thought I'd at least honor their efforts and name one of my artworks after them.

Having recently acquired a pen plotter to bring my p5js scripts into the real world. I deemed this to be the perfect debut to print some of the algorithmically generated results. Each of these plots is around twenty meters of black line packed in the dimensions of an A5 sheet of paper.

If you're interested in hanging this kind of art on your wall, feel free to rip my code from my website and pen plot your own. Else you can buy these prints directly with our independant art press shop, supporting our future projects of making print art accessible to all.