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Conway's Game of Life encoded in video predictive frames

I've always wanted to do something involving glitch art and conway's game of life.

The generative, self-sustained, independant aspects, the finding of patterns all speak to me on the same levels. But I never found a grid-like system that could be abused interestingly. That is until last year at glitch art festival /fu:bar/ 2018 in Zagreb, I attended Ramiro Polla's workshops about ffglitch a fork of ffmpeg designed to extract, modify and reinject motion vectors into videos compressed in mpeg2.

Last month we set up residency with Thomas Collet in Paris and reworked the ffglitch facilitating scripts developed by Jo Fragment. The script we modded is the which runs through a bi-dimensional array of vectors to change their values.

The motion vectors of every frame are stored in a table of pairs (fwd_mv), where mv[0] is its x-axis value and mv[1] is its y-axis value.

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