About me

I'm Kaspar Ravel and I got into art because of a computer glitch that looked pretty when I was 12 y o.

Having been obsessed with computers since I was a kid, I remember that one of my greatest dreams was to become a famous computer hacker. My devious plan at the time was to design a virus that would add 0.1 second to every clock on the planet. I'd then take a sit on the window steel and enjoy a banana milkshake beverage whilst watching the world burn.

As things turned out a little differently, today I'm your average self-conflicted artist trying to do his best not the burn the planet by drinking less banana milkshakes, secretely hoping that it will discourage the mass import of tropical fruits in my country.

I currently live in add your hometown where I've set up a mixed media art studio with my two best friends Maya & Mathieu. From there I spend my time coding, drawing, playing chess and occasionaly taking trains to play gigs and give lectures around the world.

If you want to collab' on a project, book me for a gig, hire me at your school or just want to know more about what I do, feel free to send me an email here : kaspar.ravel@gmail.com.


Kaspar Ravel (they/them) is an artist, hacker and researcher in critical media known for curating and coding open-source tools within the glitch art movement. Their main research focuses on Affective Artifacts, exploring the affect that humans hold towards the flaws and marks embedded in media by technologies that are, or will soon be replaced. As a creator expressing themselves through live performance, short film and installation, each of their work holds a common design pattern of being thought out as a tiny pocket-universe, encapsulating miniature worlds not so unsimilar to ours.

The information above is solely dedicated to communication teams asking me for my third-person biography and who need to copypaste my info for their event pages. For a more complete kit including bio translations and pictures you can download this zip file that I prepared for you.